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Adventures of Ai the Game Introduction

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Downloading and playing Ai’s Adventure places you in the driver’s seat of an addictive fast paced game to run, fly, duck and jump with Ai through a cool maze of challenging obstacles. Her journey across an incredible 3D Japanese landscape is mind-bending. Ai rides her stallion (who slides under obstacles even better than she does!), flies on her crane and runs farther and faster than the monsters that chase her. Collect points and coins along the way to her and your ultimate goal: the treasure chest her father has protected. Ai will never give up – will you?

If your skills take you to the bonus round, you’ll join Ai on a mystical crane flight through the valley canyons and high into the mountains, collecting valuable points and bonuses the further you go. If you survive the treacherous mountain caves, including a chase by the dreaded Oni, the treasure is yours as are the windfall of points!

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Ai’s Adventure Game Play:

Game Play of Ai’s Adventure is a single runner style popularized by games such as Temple Run and Minion Rush. In the bonus rounds, game play changes from a single runner to a flight mechanic, allowing the player to soar along the scenic landscape with numerous opportunities for boosting points.

Everything in the game tallies to your total score:

  • Distance of your run or flight! (10 points per meter)
  • Picking up gems! (pink gems = 10pts, blue and orange = 30pts)
  • Picking up a coin! (100pts)
  • Picking up a power-up (50 pts)
  • Checkpoints flight (every ring = 500pts, every 15th ring = 1000pts plus a coin)
  • Treasure Chest at the end (5000pts plus half distance score since last restarting riding a the horse)

You start out with 2 lives: riding Chuugi (horse) and then on foot. You can extend your 2 lives by caching in coins you’ve collected (make sure to watch out for them!!). Once you run out of your lives your total score is uploaded and added to your country’s score.

Coins also allow you to start at various checkpoints. Though you must unlock the checkpoints first!

Gems allow you to purchase various items in the game:

  • Power-up abilities (5 upgrade levels each)
  • Costumes (2 additional Ai costumes)

Power-up abilities increase your chances of going a longer distance and collecting even more points, gems, coins and checkpoints! The power-ups 5 upgrade levels are:

  • Treasure Chest: Random of any of the above according to the Level upgrade of the Treasure Chest and corresponding power-up.
  • Crane: Triggers bonus flight mini-game.
    Crane flight power-up appears every 1000-2000 meters. Crane flight distance increases on higher levels (60 seconds, 100 seconds, 120 seconds).

The controls are simple:

Touch Controls (in game) Description Swipe left Move to left lane Swipe right Move to right lane Swipe up Jump Swipe down Duck/Slide

Ai’s Adventure is jam-packed with excitement and surprises: You’ll earn a change of outfits after achieving certain points levels along with additional lives. You’ll also earn and unlock new music as you progress. See if you can make it through enough checkpoints to create a map of the game. Where will Ai go next? Your skill will decide.

The Ai’s Adventure soundtrack was produced by 16 times Grammy Award winner Humberto Gatica and features music from the book, The Adventures of Ai, written by New York Times bestselling author Craig Bouchard.

Curious to know more about Ai’s true adventure? The Adventures of Ai ebook is available inside the game and in the iTunes store, Google App Store, and on Kindle, in English, Japanese, Mainland Chinese Mandarin, Taiwanese Mandarin, Arabic and Spanish.

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