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A stranger from America uncovers the fiercely protected secret of a centuries-old famous Japanese family: their ancestry is marked with extraordinary women who tame the wilds of the supernatural. Intrigued, he stumbles upon the bridge that connects past to present through the life of an unusual little girl that you will come to know as Ai. The Adventures of Ai is a fast-paced adventure novel set in the early 16th century Japanese countryside. Intelligent and brave, Ai decides that one day she will “have an adventure” in a quest to reunite with her father, a protégé of the legendary Leonardo da Vinci. Along with her loyal and faithful horse, Chuugi, Honmei, her protective bluebird and her inseparable deer companion, Yorokobi, Ai ventures far from home to find what fate has in store for her.

In her travels, Ai must face her fears, make new friends, and discern those that would do her harm in order to survive the dangerous forests and mountains. She will need all the intelligence, courage and internal strength that she can muster to uncover the treasure that awaits her at the end of her fantastic escapade.

If you love a fanciful tale of rich imagination, sparked with lively characters, talking trees and the innocence of young love, you will cherish the time you spend reading “The Adventures of Ai.” Written from the heart by New York Times Bestselling author Craig Bouchard and inspired by his three precocious daughters, this book instills the fearless determination and admirable qualities required of todays global generation of pre-teens. The story unlocks the potential of each and every child on the verge of growing up, and pushes toward a life of unbounded adventure and success.

The Adventures of Ai is available in ebook in the iStore, on iTunes, Kindle and Amazon platforms and has been translated from the original English version to Japanese, Mandarin (Chinese and Taiwanese), Spanish, and Arabic.

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